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mindfulness - search inside yourself course

We Strengthen Peace and Compassion in Higher Education through Integrative Inquiry

Integrative Inquiry is the process of integrating the knowledge gained from research, course learning, and book learning with the wisdom gained from intuition, sensing, and the mindful experiencing of emotions with the ability to embrace the unknown.  With the ability to integrate multiple sources of information through generative questions and other training methodologies, participants of the integrative inquiry curriculum are able to manage stress and creatively problem solve while experiencing ambiguity. This all leads to the promotion of peace and compassion through conscious choice-making.

We offer Integrative Inquiry which promotes:

1) emotional intelligence
2) conscious choice making among leaders
3) overall well-being
4) resilience
5) student success
6) compassion
7) mindfulness and peace

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"Coming from a neuroscience major, I took this class as a skeptic...I really liked how Dr. Bresciani Ludvik specifically went into the science behind the program and how it would benefit me personally."
~ Matthew Evrard, Higher Leadership Program Graduate Student, SDSU


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